Aluminium Silicate

Imagen de silicato de aluminio


  • Cleaning of façades and monuments (fine grains).
  • Heritage restoration works (fine grains).
  • High- and low-pressure blasting with portable equipment (all grain sizes).
  • Paint stripping, roughening (coarse grains).
  • Outdoor blasting work (all grain sizes).
  • Blasting and stripping of wood (fine grains).
  • Surface preparation for the subsequent process. Sa 2 ½ Sa 3. (coarse grains).
  • Removing rust and scale.
  • Does not contain free silica. Natural substitute for sand for blasting work in general.

Mode of use:

  • Portable sandblasting machines, blasting rooms and shot blasting rooms.
  • Compressed air gun blasting.


33.3 kg multilayer paper bags. Pallets are of 1,000 kg.