Abrasivos y Maquinaria, S.A.

At Abrasivos y Maquinaria, S.A. we are specialists in machinery for surface treatment and their applications. We manufacture and distribute machinery and supply granulated abrasives.

We attend to various sectors, as our products are intended for both industry in general and the services or maintenance sector.


Our objective is based on pursuing customer satisfaction by offering products and services that exceed their expectations.


Abrasivos y Maquinaria, S.A is considered to be a reference company in the field of surface treatment and cleaning. We can advise each customer in each specific case thanks to our 40+ years’ experience and knowledge of numerous applications and sectors. Our commitment, dynamism and capacity to adapt allow us to meet each customer’s needs.

The professionalism of the team at Abrasivos y Maquinaria, S.A., based on its experience and innovation, is at the core of our relationship with customers.

The trust our customers have placed in our organisation is a stimulus, an injection of motivation, and an obligation at the same time, to keep working to attend ever better to our customers’ needs.

Leaders in supply of abrasives.

Abrasive blasting surface treatments.

Degreasing and cleaning machinery and processes.

Specialised technical advice.